🏹Understanding Airdrop Tasks

To participate in airdrops through AIRBOT, you need to configure airdrop tasks. Available airdrops and associated tasks are shown when you click the "Select Airdrop" button in the top right of the dashboard.

The airdrops currently available for configuration are zkSync and LayerZero. MetaMask, Linear, StarkNet, and more options are coming soon.

Each airdrop has specific requirements that must be completed to earn rewards. These tasks vary and may involve things like using the Dapps, making multiple transactions, joining Discord, following social media, etc.

AIRBOT automatically keeps the airdrop tasks updated as projects announce new opportunities. To stay on top of newly available airdrops and tasks, join our Discord server.

New airdrop options will always be announced in Discord first. You can also get support and ask questions about configuring tasks.

Once added to AIRBOT, new airdrops will display under the "Select Airdrop" menu, ready for you to configure participation.

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