๐Ÿ”›Common Issues & Solutions


  • For the wallets present on the Airbot software, users have to manually add funds to the wallets required for transactions, as Airbot currently doesn't provide any mechanism to fund wallets in bulk.

  • Sometimes the logs screen (for wallet transaction tile) might not auto refresh, users can close and reopen the logs section to view the refreshed logs.


  • Allowance transactions are not optimized for swaps, so there might be some scenarios where allowances would be granted more than once. However, if an allowance is already provided to a token, then transactions will not be sent to the blockchain again.


  • Users will have to make sure to run โ€˜Add liquidityโ€™ task first before running โ€˜Remove liquidityโ€™ else the transaction would fail automatically if no supported liquidity pools have liquidity present.

  • When adding liquidity, the percentage of the amount that would be added to the liquidity pool from the ETH & USDC balances would be somewhat less than the actual percentage selected.


  • The total transaction volume displayed in ETH is getting corrupted in some random scenarios. However, the number of total transactions and the number of failed transactions would be correct.


  • The bridge from zkSync chain to Ethereum chain takes 24 hours to complete (this is behavior for zkSync Bridge)

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