🧰Installation and Set-up

Getting Started on how to setup your Airbot in your windows and Mac

To start using AIRBOT,

  1. Purchase the AIRBOT token through approved channels. This enables access.

  2. Join our Discord server via invite link: https://discord.gg/airbot

  3. In Discord, go to the #verification channel and connect your wallet to Collab Land.

  4. After connecting your wallet, you will receive a special Farmer role. The FARMER role is unlocked after verifying that you hold 500 or more $AIRBOT tokens.

  5. Go to https://whop.com/airbot_farm/ & click "Get Access". Here you will be provided with a download link & a license key to use the bot.

  6. Download the AIRBOT software installer for your operating system.

  7. Install AIRBOT on your device by following the prompts.

  8. Launch the installed application and paste your license key.

  9. Activating the key grants you the access to use AIRBOT!

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